Youth Council

Youth is the backbone of the country’s development. Today’s youth is active and ambitious. The only thing to do is to motivate them towards a right path. If the better opportunities and the right environment are given to our young people, then there is no doubt that they can help the nation to develop in the best way. Youth should be motivated towards the nation’s development. About 34% of the total population of our country are young. They represent our country. In today’s world, young people are open minded, have the leadership quality, understand the equality, are appealing, determined and live larger than life. Mr. Khuram Aftab is working towards the betterment of today’s youth. Let’s have a look how he works.

Moving them towards right path
Apart from these, there are still some places where there are no opportunities for the youth. They are going towards the wrong path. People, who don’t get the best options, head towards the drug abuse and to the gun violence.

Drug abuse is one of the major causes of failing the youth. Easy availability and weak prevention laws are also the reason behind spreading the gun violence among youth. If the country has the strong laws for those creating violence, then it would not affect the young people. Gun violence also involves the general public health. In conclusion, there should be the stronger laws to prevent the nation’s young generation from these kinds of abusive things.

The hard working generation
Work is a vital part of our day to day life to live a peaceful and better life. Our young people, no doubt, are well educated and enthusiastic. They want to be independent and live their life on their own rules. As the young population is increasing, the unemployment is also becoming the major issue among them. This not only affects their development, but also affecting the country economy. The only way to decline unemployment from the nation is to provide more job opportunities. Today, they don’t only want to be an engineer or a doctor, but they are also heading towards other professional jobs. They are intelligent and have innovative ideas as they are creative and challenging.

Youth power
Youth have the power to change the mindset of others. They have the power to change laws and the aspects. Their raised against the dispute totally affects the nation. The large energy and potential they have allow them to do anything they want. Today’s young generation, try their hand in every field. The mind of young people is engulfed with innovative ideas helping the nation to prosper and make the country wealthy and developed.

The youth of our country needs to be heard, and want an environment so that they can express their ideas and feelings. The younger generation knows the defects of the past and can have the potential to bring the new prospects. They are aware of their power of participation in every field either it is professional or politics. Youth wants to make their nation’s prestige, developed and corruption free.