Your health, your responsibility

On getting older, we all know that we have to take care of our own health. It is not at all means that as you are getting old, you have the knowledge of everything. But, sorry to say, you don’t have much information when it comes to HIV. If you have this condition, then mind that it is totally your choice to which you want to share with.

Your health, your responsibility
No matter you are diagnosed with HIV by birth or diagnosed at the very young age; the treatment is really necessary. At this time, support from family and friends is really needed. Be in contact with the healthcare professionals for proper guidance. Discuss with them each and everything about it like how to do safe sex, what are the chances of getting HIV.

Discuss with your friends
If you think that HIV is a matter of shame, then you are totally wrong. Sharing your diagnosis helps you in dealing with them. Good friends are always there for us to support us at each stage of treatment. There are some who frankly tell about their condition with everyone as they are growing up with them. They are not worried about the fear of rejection, bullying or gossips.

The choice is totally yours. Choose the right moment and a time when you are ready to tell everyone you are suffering from AIDS. It is said that having safe sex is much better than AIDS.

Khuram Aftab is a well-known name in Canada who is working for the betterment of people living there. He motivates the people to live a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to practice safe sex. He makes sure that the young generation truly understand the meaning of safe intimacy and get the proper information.

Make a great relationship
Most of the time it is seen that HIV people feel hesitate to make relationship with others or getting physically intimate. They even frighten to fall in love or getting married. They are worried about how others think about them? Will they be able to make a relationship with them? Will people accept them for what they are? Such kinds of questions really affect their mental status.

Go for a safe sex
Mr. Aftab is a great volunteer for those who are detected with HIV-AIDS. He educates people about safe sex and makes them to use contraceptive to eliminate the chances of AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. The right information is really important for today’s youth. Making use of condoms and other kinds of contraceptives is an effective way of preventing HIV, STD and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

It’s time to share your responsibility
Your partner is the best companion who can understand your problems and support in each and every stage. Mr. Aftab makes a good talk with them and let them share their feelings in best way.

Always remember that HIV never comes in the path of your great sex. Let’s join our hands together and make the youths well-aware of the HIV.