My Personal Pledges on Issues for the Voters of Ward 13 in Toronto

Poverty, Hunger and Health

As poverty, hunger and health: these three key elements are related to each other in a vicious cycle, I have expertise in improving the situation of our ward in togetherness with the community groups as well as I have envisioned a meaningful bridge with the city hall, as a result to directly witnessing, feeding the drug & crime prone unfortunates and employing a number of local youngsters in livelihoods over a decade time in the community.
It is sad that, poverty prevails in many facets among the 50% children of our ward; sometimes it is in disguise, sometimes it is exposed. Similarly that picture applies to our adult to elderly seniors and left them all in vulnerable and helpless situation. Regardless of its appearance, we should work hard as our constituents deserve better right at the core vicinity at the economic engine of Canada, the city proudly we call as one of the global cities of the world.

Thus, my policies to these concerns will address it at the city hall, and strive to find solutions. I will surely influence all my resources from the public and private sectors to solve them as much I can. As I cannot solve the poverty problem alone, therefore I will surely rejuvenate solutions being an MBA in Finance and a successful businessman in running several franchises by working with our residents and the municipal government as well as partnering with the donors & sponsors.

Community Revitalization, Affordable Housing and Business Improvement Area

As I appreciate the revitalization effort of the Regent Park initiated by the deceased Councillor Pam McConnell, I will put forward my best efforts to help complete and maintain it in a meaningful manner, such as swift priorities of the transition of its original residents entitled for it, which goes to the phases 4 and 5, and also the Library and Interfaith Centre in place. My personal expertise as a successful Real Estate Agent and Developer, I will ensure those at their best.

Similarly, affordable rental for housing is a means focused particularly on adding a new level of housing in our city at a new direction and demand. It addresses a gap especially for young people, for vital working class people, for seniors as well. I will work for a viable plan to address every aspect of affordable housing in Toronto, not just for our ward or constituency. As a knowledgeable realtor and builder in combined, I found innovative solutions to problems described in, which did not increase the burden on regular people, like getting developers to pay their fair share to invest in better planning to build a better city. Besides, idea of creating Business Improvement Area (BIA) will bring new vitality to this downtown area as well as balanced growth of businesses and employment opportunities to the local.

Protection to Environment

As I am seriously entrusted to Environmental issues and drive personally the TESLA Model X D75 SUV with my wife & four children, I will enhance the City’s Recycle Program through holding an annual Environment Event in coordination with 311 services to collect recycle disposables as well as promote ride and lane culture of bicycles around the ward as much as possible.

Stopping Gun Violence and Youth Engagement

As a father of four children, I sincerely care about the future of our youth as a whole, as I believe in the motto: ‘Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve.’ Over a decade, I have been deeply involved with local youth groups ranging from sports and cultural activities to community and mental issues, such as in recent years with the ‘Gravity Toronto’ and the ‘Healing as One’, those who are undertaking wonderful work in terms of their talent and capacities.
I really intend to excel the dynamism of The Safe Schools Act, so that our kids are away from guns and gangs and can be boasted by providing creative, healthy and safe motivating means to enlighten & put their lives back on track.

Also, I have been & can get more engaged in career counselling opportunities in various club groups in schools, particularly the Jarvis Collegiate, since I have direct engagement expertise in building businesses and get finances from bank to start ups & successfully run businesses.

Think for a moment, how sad it is when youth due to lack in academic achievement derail into desperation in life, where will they end up? We must protect and nourish their dreams to be successful in life.

Safe Injections Facilitations

I was initially supportive to the Safe Injection Sites located in a Church, across from my business at Sherbourne & Dundas Street. While I still perceive similar vision, where the service model begins and ends with the life saving intervention (OD reversal) or safeguard from the essentials, but listening to residents around, who say needles are in our parks, laneways and elsewhere, I want to enforce serious amendments to it.
Now, as I myself witnessed people dying on the streets because of over dose, I want to ensure safe injections sites with proper management and close monitoring by the health and social workers and more importantly it should not be concentrated only in one ward and or area but it should and must be spread all across the city, so that its services and record must be coordinated and delivered to those who face a health challenge is medically guided, not just like a ‘free trade’ or ‘wild west’ distribution.

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