Feed the Poor

We all should be fortunate as we are getting food to eat. There are still many families in our country who are not getting enough food. Hunger is the major problem of our country. Poverty is one of the major issues of hunger.

We all know that our body needs a variety of nutrients to meet the need of our body. Food is important to live the healthy life. There are still many people who are not getting the enough nutrition and many who are not getting food to eat. In India, approximately 67% of the population are poor. Feeding the poor is one of the kindest activities one can do. Our government is working on this for past many years. We have many organizations to feed the poor. We can contribute to it by joining hands with these organizations.

We all have seen that in so many parties and events the food gets wasted by many. We can save that food and give it to the one who need it most. By this also we can feed the poor. We can also feed those who sit by the roadside. Rather than wasting the food, we can just save it and give it to the needy. Many people died due to hunger. Many people suffer from health problems only because of not getting enough food. They even sleep at night with empty stomachs. Children gets affected the most, as their body is not getting enough nutrition at this small age. Poverty is one the main reason of hunger in our country. About 1/3rd population of our country is suffering from hunger. Feeding the poor will not decrease the poverty line, but it can surely decrease the number of people suffering from their appetite.

We have seen on almost every street and at traffic signals, the poor who are begging for the food and money. Sometimes an old, an orphan and a lady who is desperate to feed her child. We can also feed them. If someone likes to help the poor on some special occasion, then they can easily feed those poor rather than going through some profitable organizations.

How to feed the poor? This could simply be done by;

  • Joining hands with such organizations who work for the poor.
  • Distributing packets of biscuits containing healthy nutrients which definitely could not end the hunger, but fulfil the appetite of the poor.
  • Donating a home packed food to some or as much as you can afford to.

There are so many people in our country who feed the poor by distributing the food and other eatables occasionally. By feeding the poor, you will feel deep yet indefinable kind of delight and sense of good realization. Our organization work for the poor who are homeless and hungry. We donate home packed food or sometimes other eatables which can fulfil the need of a poor. We feed poor with the healthy supplements, what body needs.

Our mission is to demolish hunger from our country. Our NGO will do whatsoever is possible to feed the needy.